Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunshine & Rain

We enjoyed our Valentine's dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Nielsen's house and I enjoyed helping mom and dad frosten the pretty heart cookies.  Madelyn mostly liked the butter, frosting, and sprinkles.  Madelyn had fun, as always, with her cousins Jack and Austin.  We sure will miss you guys when you go.  :-(  Usually very cheerful Christopher was all pouts until uncle Michael got big smiles and laughs out of him.  He answered and giggled at all of uncle Michael's questions too, so cute!

We've been getting some very good rainfall lately, which is good but not so good for outdoor play.  I think Madelyn is starting to go a little coo coo since we took her out of pre-school and it's been mostly just mom and dad since, like practically everyone I talk to, Madelyn and Christopher have had a bad cold/flu thing since the beginning of the month.

Yesterday James and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and my honey treated me to some excellent lobster that he bought just for me.  What a sweetie.  He sure does bend over backwards for me.  I love you too James!

We finally got lots of beautiful sunshine today so James took the kids for a very long walk.  Madelyn did so good on her new big-girl bike, even up and down all the big hills.  Christopher even calmed down for the walk and took a little nap, he sure does love to keep moving.  While his big sister is getting well over her cold, Christopher has been getting worse so we finally took him to the Dr today and were sent home with a nebulizer thingy but he sure does act like he's felt better after his first two treatments.  Hang in there little guy, we've missed your constant smiles.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Up To Date

Not much going on around here; just a few more pictures to show. James did well on his first test this semester and hopefully when he finishes this class it's only 2 more classes to go before Physician's Assistant school. Madelyn's out of preschool and is certainly stubborn when it comes time for James and I to teach and get her ready for kindergarten this July. Christopher is growing up so fast. He's a very happy good baby; only wakes up once a night to eat. His laughs are quiet but frequent and he sure talks to me a lot. I'm trying to get it on video but then he just get fascinated with the camera. Happy 8th Anniversary to James and I on the 17th!


Light really shows off the red in Christopher's hair. With his hair, blue eyes, and James' green shirt, he sure looks like an Irish baby, to me, in this picture...definitely gets that from his dad's side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

December 27, 2008

A VERY big day for our ever growing family. Christopher was blessed and later that evening we (minus the kidletts) enjoyed a wonderful celebration of my sister Amy's recent wedding. What a luxurious night out!

2008 Collins Family Picture

Rose Red in her pretty dress from Aunt Mimi and ruby slippers from Grammy Collins.

Taking care of and cuddling with her favorite little baby buddy.

Before Christopher's Blessing.

Christmas at Last

A Very Merry (late) Christmas To All!

I feel bad it took me so long but here are some Christmas pictures at last.