Monday, December 14, 2009

Madelyn Loves Kindergarten


Madelyn is doing so great in Kindergarten. At first I was concerned about her starting at only 4 years old but she's loving it. She's by far thy youngest kid in her class but that doesn't stop her from telling her teacher(s) how to do their job. Crazy girl. Fortunately she has an awesome teacher that's understanding and the school is really great. Other than having to purchase snacks once a month and buy all the classroom supplies that schools used to pay for, we're really enjoying her school. I love it that they wear uniforms. Makes everything so much easier. Anywho, above are pictures of her first day of school. She was very specific on how she wanted her hair. For those of you who watched Avatar The Last Airbender, she wanted her hair a mix between the firebending princess and Kai Lan (a Mandarin Dora the Explorer). Personally I prefer the curls mom sent me to school in but to each her own. Putting her hair up in buns was much easier anyway. I put her hair up for picture day but it was pretty flat for the pictures.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

After a very long blogging absence, I finally got around to posting some pictures from our recent and not-so-recent adventures. Below: Labor Day Weekend '09.

Nice slobber Toph.

Around the house. Below: 10/22/09 Toph with his Oopsie Bear. There is his new 5th tooth. Course he's got 7 now (12/13).