Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About Time

All the way back to Easter: Madelyn and I went to the big Easter celebration at Liberty High School. It was awesome. Lots of hunts, games, and yummy free food!!!

It's been too long since my last post. Here goes...

Health: My ill health of last year (passing out a lot and extreme reactions to the littlest of viruses) has ended up being due to a newly acquired heart condition. I have a “reduced fraction output” which means that my heart isn’t pumping out at a normal rate so it has to pump a lot faster and harder to keep me going. It’s not hereditary; it could have been caused by a bad virus but the doctors don’t know. This reduced output causes another condition which also explains a lot of why I’ve been exhausted but enough on that. My heart condition finally got diagnosed after we found out that we’re having a baby boy due the end of November!
We’re both doing well and will have a new ultrasound picture in a couple of weeks at my 28 week/7 month check-up.
Madelyn is all Sunshine and Daisies as usual. She had a fever of 103, in the evening, last week but by 11pm on the same day it was gone. What a resilient little princess.

Work: James finally got a 24 hr permanent position at Kaiser so that means we get health care starting Sept. 1st. Yeah! He’ll still be working per-diem the other days of the week until a full-time position opens up.

School: Madelyn didn't seem to enjoy her old pre-school very much but is still absolutely loving her current pre-school and looks forward to it even on the weekends. James is still taking his prerequisites for PA school.

We took a trip down to Monterey recently and had lots of fun. After Madda turned blue from the cold ocean water, we walked back to the car and she said, "THAT SAND WAS GREAT!!!" She said it like she'd never imagined something so fun. Madelyn loved the beach so much that we went to Stinson beach the very next week.