Monday, September 24, 2007

Always a favorite picture. I can almost see Madelyn sitting beside Grandma Nielsen. I also must point out that I still have my yellow blankie that Madelyn's G.G. Grandma Webster made for me in this picture. I think it died a mere few years later as I watched and cried (add some dramatic music in your heads) as my terrible and haunting brothers threw it right into the back of a garbage truck. I still have pinky, YOU NEVER GOT PINKY! :-)

Thought I'd share a favorite picture of our beloved President Gordon B. Hinkley.
I believe this is one of the pictures taken when he was given the highest honor a United States citizen can receive from President George W. Bush.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We love Halloween year round but we're showing off Madelyn's new Halloween night shirt.

Picture #2 "Uh, I just don't know what my motivation is supposed to be."

Picture #3: Scary spider!

James has wanted a dog forever and I had a moment of euphoria (I suppose) I let him go get one with Madelyn. Our newest member of the family, Boog.

Not much we really want to bother everyone with as far as an update. James’ and my health is terrible. My sleep (or rather lack of) has gotten so bad that I’ve gotten Narcolepsy — A life-threatening disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day. I’ve had another sleep consult in for a couple of months now because the first one showed that I was getting no restful sleep but the 2nd appointment has so far been a no-show. James is very very ill. I’ll leave it at that. In between all the health fun, we’re trying to get ready for the move. Boog is an absolute doll but James is driving him back to Dallas tomorrow (James is VERY mad at me) because we just can’t take care of him and Madelyn as we're both sick and living on the 3rd floor. Good news is that James will be picking him back up on his final drive back to CA.
Madelyn put Boog's feeding bowls box on her head all on her own and ran around the house being "Boog's eat". Other than Madelyn's tempers here and there about not getting ALL of mommy and daddy's attention, she and Boog have become good friends and Boog protects her from everyone. It's so cute from a 4 mo. old puppy.