Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our New "Topher" Vaccum

As those of you who were at Great Grandpa & Grandma's in Kaysville, UT know, Christopher was only scooting himself into corners, under tables and couches. One day about a week and 1/2 ago, he decided that he was tired of being so limited, got up on his knees, and started crawling like he'd been doing it for months. He is now our best vacuum and, of course, mess maker at the same time. Madelyn is doing awesome in school and starts her new hours of 8-2:15 in the beginning of October. Whoa! Long hours for kindergarden but we like her school a lot so far. There are so many spanish speaking kids in her class that are taught in an EL class separately that the student to teacher ratio is really small. Good thing since Madelyn demands lots of attention and doesn't pay attention very well. She's inherited that, "I only talk, not listen" thing that I'm struggling to shake. We're all really looking forward to her birthday, which is proving to be rather large again. James starts school on Tuesday and will be done with all of his pre-requisites for PA school and he's just two recommendations away from finishing his tedious application for PA school. I hope his health gives way to his ambitions. So far he's winning the fight.