Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Settling In

I'll add some pictures when we get our new 1.5 TB external hard drive hooked up. My pictures are taking up all the memory on my computer so it's kinda hard to add more and edit them. We're quickly getting settled in our apartment in Sunnyvale and are really enjoying the area. It's nice to be so close to so many enjoyable activities plus we live right by the cutest duck pond. Our apartment complex is a wonderful little community all in itself and the weather has been wonderful. James' health seams to be getting better and better and I'm feeling much better as I'm adjusting to everything. The kids are both happy and healthy. Christopher got his first two teeth last week and isn't enjoying that much but it's just so cute. He just fell asleep in his jumper after about 45 min. of laughing and jumping. He loves that thing. Wish Madelyn had enjoyed one when she was little but never took to it. Madelyn and Christopher are still absolutely enthralled with each other and it's fun to see how they grow everyday. Madelyn starts 2 1/2 hour kindergarten in August and 5 hour kindergarten starting October. That'll be exciting and hard I'm sure. We're headed to mom and dad's on Friday for a BBQ and to San Francisco on the 4th. James' sister and niece are coming for a visit at the end of the month and we're all really excited for that.