Friday, February 29, 2008

Madelyn is really in to My Little Ponys right now. She's such a little girl. Everything must be pink, potty training treats, everything. The weather has been gorgeous this week. We went to the little park by our house today and then for a family walk after dinner. Madelyn missed all her activities this week due to the croup caused by a bad cold that we'd had for well over a week. She was a limp noodle with a fever Monday afternoon and evening but got a lot better after her blessing. She's still has a low grade fever and a yucky cough. I don't think I'm going to put her back into preschool until a year before she starts kindergarten. I think she'd enjoy gymnastics/tumbling a lot more. She just really needs to get the jigglies out.

March Birthdays:
Austin Walwyn on the 2nd
Grandpa Walwyn Green turns 95 on the 22nd
Chloe Amelia on the 28th
Matthew on the 29th
Happy Birthday Everyone!!!