Sunday, July 29, 2007

My buzzet pixie and where she get's her Pixie dust.

This is a REAL picture of *The Eagle Nebula, M16; Located in the constellation of Serpens taken thru some NASA telescope.
I'm pretty sure it's one of those places fairies come from. That and mom and dad's western eucalyptus orchard. DON'T YOU DARE TAKE THAT OUT!
This week as been the same ol' thing. Thunder & Lightening storms everyday. Fun to watch but we can't go out to the pool as much as we'd like because the lightening is so bad. The pool pictures are of our Buzzet about to beat up the fountaints and of the battle face after her victory. I met two 14yr old girls at the pool that did their first of my 9 hour unpaid babysitting trial on Friday. They were awesome. I thought they were too good to be true but then I remembered everything I did when I used to babysit. It's just so hard to trust anyone with the statistics in this area, especially since James' works in the ER and sees so many of the wost cases of neglect and abuse. We're still on track for moving to CA in October and that's all there is to report. Michael & Heidi, let me know how to put videos on my blog, I've got lots of cute one's.
-Love Wendy

PS Just got my hair trimmed (for the first time) 3 inches since my awful original cut in December '05. Once picture is the week before I got it cut (longest my hair has ever been) and the other is the week I got the awful cut. I can't tell an inches difference in lengh since my current trim. I'm hoping to donate or sell it soon and go back to a long shoulder length.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pixie Dust

July 21, 2007
Here's the best update I can give everyone. James and I are still organizing, packing, unpacking, and moving (old storage unit to new garage saving over $2
00 a month, yea!). The current plan is that Madelyn and I will be flying out to CA mid October and get the living room at mom and dad's (thanks again) ready for some real living in. We'll have everything boxed up and ready to go and pay "handlers" to put it all on the moving truck around the same time. Everything else about the driving part of the move is still a bit confusing to me. Speaking of confusing...

A medication slipped past my system of double-checking all meds that my Dr's have prescribed me and then I choose to take or not to take them. Anyway, I've had very serious side effects including bad short-term memory loss that may be permanent so Dad and I will be quite the pair. James and I are both very ill but are planning on slowly getting off all chemical medications before we move and then are planning on seeing dad’s holistic Dr. in San Fran, filling out the survey, and following his advice but first we’re both doing multiple body cleanses. Just a few examples are the liver, gallbladder, and this ionic water one (James found it and I forgot the name)
that pulls toxins and excess metals out of your body. There’s a foot one and a full body one and I plan on doing the ionic cleanse right before I start the supplements and diet that dad’s holistic MD puts me on. I’m very optimistic about the whole thing, probably too much but it’s not like my body’s let me down before, ha ha (not so funny sarcasm).

Wish I had some current pictures for ya’ll but I haven’t downloaded the camera lately.

I have to apologize to everyone about birthday’s this year, it’s been a hard one (year) and I love to send birthday cards and at least an email but haven’t been very good at it so here goes…

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to everyone January 1st thru June 30th. HAPPY
belated July BIRTHDAYs to Sarah, Heidi, David, and Evan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY Grandma Collins, I told James you called. Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity. HAPPY pre-BIRTHDAY to Michael and a big HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY to everyone (except Grandma Collins of course, we'll start celebrating your unbirthday in less than an hour). Every time I light a candle Madelyn starts singing happy birthday so we sing a lot of happy unbirthday songs. Its past time to go night night so sweet dreams everyone and I hope you all have wonderful dreams filled with plenty of pixie dust.
Love, Wendy